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There is a talent crisis.

Two problems cost enterprise companies in the US billions of dollars each year:

1. Turnover of frontline employees. 76% leave their jobs within the first 120 days.

2. Lack of qualified candidates for middle-skill jobs. 75% of employers say they can't find people internally or externally for these jobs. They are considered unfillable.


Escalate is the Solution.

At Escalate, we solve the frontline turnover crisis by decreasing absenteeism and increasing employee satisfaction.

Leveraging our unique technology, your company increases retention and provides your employees the support they need to succeed. 

How it works

Frontline workers receive 8-10 hours/week of asynchronous, cohort-based, online training that gives them a path to higher wages. They receive support that helps them get to work every day, including access to social workers and coaches.




  • increases entry-level employee retention to 12 months

  • creates a diverse talent pool for middle-skill roles in your company, and

  • meets your needs as employees train in off hours in a cohort-based, asynchronous model.

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